Community Farmers Market

Saturday July 18, 10:00 AM - Saturday October 31

The Red Barn in Kent Barns 6 N. Main Street Kent, CT

Weekly ordering is open for our Community Farmers Market Tuesday from 12pm to Wed at 12 am! Place your orders for freshly-harvested produce, cheeses, grass-fed beef, fruit, and Swyft bakery & dessert specials HERE. Pick-ups will be at our Farm Stand in Kent Barns every Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm. THE MARKET WILL REMAIN OPEN THROUGH OCTOBER!

Moscow Made American Born

Saturday September 19 - Saturday October 31

Ober Gallery 6 N. Main Street Kent, CT

The exciting show featuring works by Mark Kelner is all about the landscape of text and how false idols prop up a system of consumerism where things and people are commodities. And, it's all done through the lens of satire, kitsch, and cliche. So, enjoy and good and well-needed laugh too! Ober Gallery

"Celebrity (After Warhol)"

Saturday October 10 - Sunday December 6

Craven Contemporary 4 Fulling Lane Kent Barns Kent, CT

Celebrity (After Warhol)” opened Saturday, October 10th. The show looks at how several leading contemporary artists have captured celebrities, all with a nod to Warhol or the pop style he made so recognizable. Artists included in the show are Jeremy Kost, Chris Levine, Russell Young, Deborah Kass, Charles Lutz, and of course Andy Warhol himself. Here in the ‘After Warhol’ theme is a vintage print from Sunday B Morning ‘Marilyn #30’. Silkscreen on Lenox Museum Board. 36” by 36”. These prints were created with the same tools and methods Andy Warhol used himself for the original editions, the difference being they carry a ‘printed by Sunday B Morning’ and ‘fill in your own signature’ on the reverse. More information on all the works in the show on request. Craven Contemporary

Poptics & Paintings

Saturday October 10 - Sunday November 22

Kenise Barnes Fine Art - 7 Fulling Lane Kent, CT

Kenise Barnes Fine Art is pleased to present an exhibition of contemporary paintings and powdered pigment
drawings by Mary Judge called "Poptics & Paintings". Mary Judge is an important artist; her paintings, drawings, and prints are in public and private collections throughout the world. Judge demonstrates mastery across many mediums, each new series illustrates her continuing exploration of materiality and form. Judge’s ongoing exploration of powdered pigments is used to stunning effect in her most recent Poptics series, seven of which are featured in this show. This exhibition also includes a significant return to oil painting for the artist with two large and five small paintings. Kenise Barns Fine Art

Eric Forstmann - Continuance

Saturday October 17, 11:00 AM - Sunday November 15

Eckert Fine Art 12 Old Barn Road Kent Barns

It’s 2020 and Eckert Fine Art celebrates 20 years representing the Realist artist, Eric Forstmann, first in Naples FL and now in Kent, CT. Eric’s current show CONTINUANCE, running October 17 through November 15 also commemorates his 20th exhibit with the gallery. Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday - 11 am - 5 pm The artist will be in the gallery every Saturday for the run of the show from 11 am -1 pm
Through the years Eric has continued to flourish as an artist keeping true to his roots, painting from life with a keen eye for detail. The work in this show was done mostly during the sequestered period of the pandemic and was a cathartic experience for the artist. Whether holed up in his Torrington, CT studio space or wandering alone in the New England landscape, his work still exhibits the qualities that Steve Litt of Art News wrote in 2008: "Eric Forstmann brings insouciance and rumpled informality to the tradition of trompe l'oeil still life painting. Forstmann's self-deprecating humor adds to the likable Everyman persona that comes across in his work. His paintings are relaxed, unfussy performances that focus the viewer on the sheer pleasure of seeing." Eckert Fine Art

Kent Flower Market (Holiday Version)

Saturday November 28, 10:00 AM - Saturday November 28

RT Facts Antiques & Design Gallery 8 Old Barn Road Kent Barns

On Saturday, November 28th from 10 AM-1 PM
RT FACTS will host the Kent Flower Market at
8 Old Barn Road in Kent Barns, Kent, CT. Unique wreaths, swags & tabletop decor crafted by local taste-makers and foragers for the holiday season. Decorate a dwarf tree at the tree bar. Unique Amaryllis and Narcissus available in special holiday wrapping. Also, the House of Books will be selling a selection of flower-centric books curated by Christopher Spitzmiller. Christopher will be selling containers from his collection. #kentflowermarket
Kent Flower Market