Community Farmers Market

Saturday July 18, 10:00 AM - Saturday October 31

The Red Barn in Kent Barns 6 N. Main Street Kent, CT

Weekly ordering is open for our Community Farmers Market Tuesday from 12pm to Wed at 12 am! Place your orders for freshly-harvested produce, cheeses, grass-fed beef, fruit, and Swyft bakery & dessert specials HERE. Pick-ups will be at our Farm Stand in Kent Barns every Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm. THE MARKET WILL REMAIN OPEN THROUGH OCTOBER!

Moscow Made American Born

Saturday September 19 - Saturday October 31

Ober Gallery 6 N. Main Street Kent, CT

The exciting show featuring works by Mark Kelner is all about the landscape of text and how false idols prop up a system of consumerism where things and people are commodities. And, it's all done through the lens of satire, kitsch, and cliche. So, enjoy and good and well-needed laugh too!