5 Old Barn Road

WKND DRVR is the newest addition to Kent Barns. It is designed as a boutique venue for car enthusiasts and drivers to come together. Take the cruise up to our beautiful location where we will be host to ongoing events and rallies throughout the summer. In our small boutique, you can enjoy art, memorabilia, wine, and fine foods as well as a beautiful picnic spot. It's the perfect pitstop!

"WKNDDRVR is the perfect place to come say hi, grab a cup of coffee, make a pitstop and grab lunch at 109 Cheese Market. Great parking too!"

Todd Brown, Owner & Car Enthusiast

Wed-Sat 9 - 4 pm
Sunday 9 - 4 pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday

WKNDDRVR 5 Old Barn Road, Kent CT 06757