RT Facts

8 Old Barn Road

Natalie and Greg Randall opened RT Facts in the old Town Hall of Kent, CT in 1992. Since then they've been a hidden secret for designers and decorators alike, crowned the boldest antique shop in Litchfield County. There’s a dynamic group of designers and artists creating their pieces, and keeping their playful and eccentric demeanor alive…

What makes the offerings of our business unique?

“That word can be so over-used but we have clients all over the country that tell us there is no other business like this anywhere. “I really mean it,” they say, “Not in this country, not in Europe, nowhere, and we shop everywhere!”. I don’t think most people in Kent, CT realize what we are doing here. Half of our pieces are antique but not your grandmother’s antiques. Our “Finds” have unusual form, texture, surface, and preferably what we call “the quirk-factor” or some whimsey. We mix these aged pieces with very sleek, contemporary artisanal furniture “Designs” we design and make right here in Litchfield County. We have a talented team of twenty individuals here and we send our tables, mirrors, and lighting with the RT FACTS, KENT, CT label all over the country.”

They have 7,000 sq.ft. design gallery in Kent Barns. Come visit their two Kent
locations: 8 Old Barn Rd and 22 South Main St.

(860) 927-1700

Monday — Friday, 9:00 to 5:00
Saturday, 10:00 to 5:00

And by appointment